After two months ofpreparation and solicitation, Lab-box has received a total of216 sound artworks from 12 countries. After carefulconsideration of the primaries, 17 artists were chosen to be on display at the online part of this exhibition. "Y y y y"online exhibition will be opened on October 20,simultaneously by Lab-box official website and WeChat publicplatform.

It is the purpose of thisexhibition to maximize the visualization of stripping, to reflect on the"visual centralism" that has been formed in artistic creation, and toguide the audiences through the sound as much as possible. Fromnarrative to experiment, these different styles of works contain differentworlds. Besides, almost all of the video placement has beenabandoned, the online exhibits have no description other than the basicinformation. After all, the text itself is visual. With almost no visualguidance, the show's listeners are completely immersed in a new world remodeledby sound.

I hope you can share with usthrough the message of this immersive experience, and participate in the entireexhibition of interaction. Your message will be served as an important reference for the subsequent offline curatorialprogram. After the final offline exhibition, we will combine the audiences’ experience generated by the exhibition, together with the artist's original description of the work in the form of adocument. Under theunpredictable differences shall we show the whole picture of this exhibition.

Online Exhibition Artist List

Andrew Hart(UK)、Bruce Leitch(USA)、E-M(Mingya Wang、Pung Liu)、Cheng Huang、Diqiu Huang、Jimmy Grace & Steve Dusome(Canada)
、Haisheng Jin、Lilyjon、Chuan Lu、Mr.d.mouse、Lun Ren、Steve Dusome(Canada)、Viktoria (UK)、Yizhi Wang、小寺创太(Japan)、Hua Yang、Yiding Zhang

Artist work:

Cheng Huang 《很湿很脏很滑》 00:04:28

QiuDi Huang 《Industrialization》 00:02:47

ShengHai Jin 《赞美每一个不讲故事的妹妹》 00:04:43

YiZhi Wang 《黑匣:俄耳甫斯》 00:04:10

小寺创太(Japan) 《教养》 00:01:11

Hua Yang 《声音分级/迷失东京》 00:22:23

Bruce Leitch(USA) 《Transcendental emptiness》 00:07:59

Jimmy Grace & Steve Dusome(Canada) 《GNM:Space Music#17》 00:03:45

E-M(Mingya Wang、Pung Lin)《VI-Platz: 2984》 00:03:02

DingYi Zhang 《90 days in london》 00:07:40

Lilyjon 《一段珍贵录音》 00:00:45

Mr.d.mouse 《骨碟音》 00:00:44

Steve Dusome(Canada) 《Omnicjordtrack》 00:02:14

Viktoria (UK) 《IKTA Live Assessment Edit》 00:04:07

Andrew Hart(UK) 《Parallaxll》 00:08:08

Lun Ren 《揉眼》 00:01:34

 Chuan Lu 《Step》 00:00:46

Exhibition Theme

From the paintings to images, the expression of the real thing in thedissemination of content may be subject to multi-level transformation, andafter each layer, itwould be weaken its own value ofthe information. But the sound is different, when it exists as a single form,it will be "dumping" and even "violent" way, totransmitthe complete information, directly weaken the other levels.

Sound may come from thephysical form but not berestricted. The sound is free, they would appear inany occasions,which is close to the imagination, and stimulate our thinking.

"Yyyy" intends to have sound as a medium, in a relatively "small" way into the"huge" public space, trying to describe the public space throughindividual pluralism, and reflect the influencesof subjective symbolism on the contemporary art form.

Exhibition Form, Location

The form of the exhibition would come from the network to the entity. On the early stage, the network platform will carry theexhibition function (WeChat platform, box laboratory official website). Entityexhibition will be located in Japan, Tokyo DEHARI space will become the basefor the contractor. And this exhibition would not only be in the Tokyo Museum of Art. "They"will be converted in the city, and mobile, which directly invite public participation, triggering art events.

CURATOR:LAB-BOX×Genie Jingjing 、Jiangbo Gao      

出品人:LAB-BOX(Bo Wu、Huihui Liu、Lifang Cheng、Yuan Zhou、Jiangbo Gao、Genie Jingjing)